When you think about veterinary care for your pet, you probably picture yourself going through the stressful experience of taking your pet to a physical veterinary clinic or hospital. However, there is a better way to access veterinary care for pets: mobile veterinary care where your veterinarian and a mobile clinic come to you, instead.

6 Reasons to Choose Mobile Veterinary Care for Your Pet

1. Stress-Free for Pets

Visiting the veterinary clinic can be stressful for pets. Whether they don’t like riding in the car or are fearful of the veterinary clinic itself, mobile veterinary care solves these problems by providing care to your pet in your home’s comfortable and familiar environment.

2. Easier When Pets Are Sick or injured

Transporting a pet is already stressful enough. When a pet is ill or injured, it can be even more difficult and put unnecessary stress on your pet, hindering their recovery.

3. Less Exposure to Contagious Diseases

While veterinary professionals work hard to keep their facilities clean, you can’t completely prevent your pet from getting exposed to other animals that could possibly be carrying contagious diseases when you visit a physical veterinary clinic. Choosing mobile veterinary care, instead, limits the number of sick animals that your pet is exposed to while getting the veterinary care that they need to stay healthy.

4. Convenient for Multiple Pets

Mobile veterinary clinics are highly motivated to schedule simultaneous appointments for households with multiple pets. This is more convenient for you, and it means that the veterinary clinic can treat more pets with fewer trips to your home.

5. No Need to Travel

Many pet owners have limited mobility or difficulty accessing transportation for themselves, let alone for themselves and their pets. This can make it difficult to get your pets the care they need. With a mobile veterinary clinic, there’s no need to worry about arranging transportation to and from your pet’s appointments.

6. More Comfortable End-of-Life Care

Although no one likes to think about it, end-of-life care is something that every pet owner will eventually need to consider. This includes both pet hospice and euthanasia. With mobile veterinary care, your pet can enjoy a higher quality of life by spending all of his or her final moments in their favorite place, home.

Mobile Veterinary Care in Richmond, VA

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