We love our pets and, naturally, want to help them have the best lives possible. In order to do this, it’s necessary to recognize that, as our pets age, their needs change along with them. Consider the following tips to improve your senior pet’s health and quality of life.

5 Ways to Improve Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life

1. Senior Checkups

Senior pets usually have veterinary examinations every six months to ensure that newly developing health problems are detected early on. Additionally, their exams typically include diagnostic testing to screen for early signs of chronic, age-related illnesses.

2. Dietary Adjustments

Senior pets typically don’t burn as many calories as younger pets. They can also benefit from the addition of certain nutrients into their diets. We can help you select the right diet for your senior pet and also recommend a variety of nutritional supplements to help keep their body strong as they age.

3. Pain Management

Senior pets commonly suffer from chronic pain, often as a result of joint-related health issues like osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, or degenerative disc disease. We offer a variety of treatment strategies to provide relief and help manage your pet’s chronic pain.

4. Environmental Adjustments

Senior pets can also benefit from changes in their environment that make it easier for them to move around and rest comfortably. This includes providing them with an orthopedic pet bed, stairs onto the bed or into the car, and elevated water and food bowls.

5. Age-Appropriate Exercise

Additionally, your aging pet’s exercise abilities will change as they get older. While regular activity and exercise are still very important to their health, a senior pet might fare better with several short walks during the day rather than one or two long walks.

Senior Pet Appointments With Capital Home Veterinary Care in Richmond

No matter your senior pet’s condition, our veterinarians with Capital Home Veterinary Care are here for you. We can bring our mobile veterinary clinic right to your doorstep, so there’s no need to transport or stress your aging pet. As your pet ages, we can help you adjust the care you give your pet to help promote good health, wellness, and a high quality of life throughout their golden years. To learn more or schedule an appointment, we welcome you to contact our mobile veterinary clinic in Richmond today.