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Your Fur-Service Mobile Pharmacy

A healthy diet, a safe home, and an active lifestyle all contribute significantly to your pet's happiness and well-being. However, there are instances when they require prescription medications, specialized foods, or nutritional supplements. Our "rolling hospital” offers a convenient and reliable service for our pets needing supplements and medication to support their health, control pain, or slow the progression of a disease.

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A Reliable Mobile Pharmacy and Medical Supplier

For the safety of your pet, it's essential to source products from reputable suppliers and manufacturers. This ensures that your pet receives high-quality products that have been correctly stored and contain the specified ingredients. At Capital Home Veterinary Care, our mobile pharmacy exclusively stocks products, foods, supplements, medical supplies, and medications from trusted manufacturers. We take meticulous care to store all veterinary medications and nutritional supplements under optimal conditions to preserve their quality and active components.

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Accessing Your Pet's Medications

Providing convenient and comprehensive pet care is our foremost priority at Capital Home Veterinary Care. Your pet's medications are readily available within our mobile clinic, which ensures they receive prescribed medication at their next scheduled appointment.

For pet owners without upcoming appointments, we also offer a convenient 24-hour medication pickup service at our administrative office.

Medication Refill Request

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Online Pharmacy

In addition to our mobile pharmacy and 24-hour pickup service, we provide online ordering and mail delivery for your convenience. This allows you to receive your pet's medical supplies and prescriptions without leaving your home. Explore our online inventory, which includes pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control products, and heartworm preventives to cater to your pet's health needs. Products purchased through our online pharmacy are shipped directly to your doorstep.

Call us or visit our online pharmacy for more information regarding your pet's medications, medical supplies, prescription diets, or other healthcare requirements.