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An older dog laying on the floor

Bringing Senior Pet Services to Your Door

An older dog being given a treat

Our dogs and cats are experiencing extended, healthier lives, thanks to proper nutrition, excellent veterinary care, and enhanced vaccination protocols. But getting our senior pets to a brick-and-mortar vet hospital can still be a challenge. By choosing Capital Home Veterinary Care, pet parents can welcome us into their homes and share stories with us. These details and the home environment can often help clue our team into the things that are affecting the well-being of our senior friends.

Our senior wellness program aims to bridge the gap between routine veterinary care and extending the health of your pet. We consider all dogs and cats aged 7 years or older as seniors. We strongly advise biannual check-ups to catch diseases early and ensure their health remains optimal. Our team will then tailor a personalized senior care plan by taking into account a detailed medical history, a comprehensive physical examination, and diagnostic blood work.

What to Expect During a Golden Years Appointment

During an elderly pet vet visit, we concentrate on five key strategies to maintain your pet's well-being:

  • Routine Screening for Age-Related Conditions: Through lab tests and physical examinations, we look for conditions such as diabetes, metabolic issues, heart disease, infections, and tumors, and ensure proper organ function.
  • Promoting Wellness through Nutritional Guidance and Supplements: We offer guidance on dietary adjustments and the use of nutritional supplements to effectively manage many age-related conditions.
  • Pain Management: Utilizing medications and various therapies, we collaborate with you to alleviate your pet's pain and address any underlying causes of discomfort.
  • Implementation of Summus Class 4 Laser to provide pain-free laser treatment, ideal for managing osteoarthritis without opiates and other medications.
  • Preserving Mobility: Using a range of treatments and therapies, we strive to maintain your pet's mobility and enable them to remain active as they age.
  • Aging Comfortably: We offer quality-of-life consultations, hospice and end-of-life care and are honored to support you through all stages of your pet's life.

Let's keep those tails wagging for as long as possible! Call us or request an appointment for your senior pet today.