If you’re planning an upcoming trip with your dog as your co-pilot, then take a look at these tips for traveling well and traveling safely with your dog for company.

8 Tips for Car Travel with Pets

1. Schedule Extra Time for Breaks

Traveling with a pet takes longer than traveling with humans only. You’ll need more frequent bathroom breaks, and you’ll need to dedicate time to let your pet exercise along the way.

2. Pack Food, Medication, and Water

Pack more food, medication, and water than you think your pet will need for your journey. Remember to pack a couple of collapsible bowls, too.

3. Get a Microchip and Updated ID Tags

Pets become disoriented and get lost more easily in unfamiliar surroundings. Purchase ID tags with your information and have your pet microchipped. Be sure to update your pet’s microchip record with your contact information.

4. Pack Your Vaccinations Records

Depending on where you plan to stay with your pet and what states you’ll be entering, you might need your pet’s medical records.

5. Leave Room

Don’t pack your car so full that your dog has to squeeze in between luggage. Be sure he has enough room to sit, stand, and curl up for a nap.

6. Research Dog Parks

Look up places along your travel route where your dog can safely get out and run. Come nighttime, you’ll be happy he’s had a chance to burn off his energy.

7. Bring Comfort From Home

Though your dog will have you (his favorite person), he’ll be in new surroundings, and that can be scary for a pet. Be sure to pack some favorite toys, a pet bed from home, and any other comfort items you can think of. If you’ll be in a hotel, pack a collapsible crate to make your dog feel safe at night.

8. Emergency Veterinary Hospitals

Before you leave, make a note of emergency veterinary clinics located along your travel route and at your destination. If your pet has an emergency on the road, you won’t want to waste time getting him medical help.

Schedule a Pre-Travel Appointment with Capital Home Veterinary Care

If you’ll be crossing state lines with your dog, your dog might need different vaccinations or an official health certificate. To learn more about traveling safely with your dog or to schedule a pre-travel appointment, contact Capital Home Veterinary Care to schedule an appointment with our mobile veterinary clinic today.