Our lives today are busier than ever before. Between the stress of a full schedule and perhaps the anxiety of having a cat or dog that gets nervous when away from familiar surroundings, accessing veterinary care can sometimes be quite challenging. With at-home veterinary services from a mobile vet clinic, you can get your pets the care they need without any of the stress or inconvenience of visiting a veterinary hospital.

5 Reasons to Choose Mobile Vet Care for Your Pet

1. Easier for Pets and Their Owners

Whether a client has limited mobility, doesn’t drive, or simply has a nervous cat or dog, transporting a pet to a veterinary clinic can be an ordeal. Sometimes the stress prevents pets from receiving wellness and preventative care.

With lapsed vaccinations and less-frequent health screenings, medical concerns often go undetected until it’s too late to easily address the problem. As a result, pets suffer more severe symptoms, treatments are more extensive, and pet owners incur greater veterinary costs.
With mobile veterinary care, it’s easy to access comprehensive pet care.

2. Simple Care for Sick Pets

We’re fully equipped to examine, test, diagnose, and treat sick pets in the comfort of their homes.

3. Perfect for Senior Pets and Pets with Limited Mobility

It can be difficult for older pets or those with mobility problems to get in and out of the car for trips to the veterinary clinic. With at-home care, there’s no need for your pet to leave his favorite spot.

4. Convenient Wellness Care and Follow Up Exams

With mobile vet care, it’s easy to provide your companion animals with the ongoing wellness care and/or follow-up appointments (post-surgical, prescription renewal, or medication adjustments) they need to stay healthy – you don’t even need to leave home!

5. Comfortable, Compassionate End of Life Care

We do our best to fill the final moments of a pet’s life with dignity, comfort, and the best care. There’s no better place for a pet to pass peacefully than in his favorite spot at home. Mobile vet care provides end of life services, including comfort and palliative treatments and at-home euthanasia.

Full-Service Veterinary Care with Our Mobile Pet Clinic in Richmond

To learn more about at-home veterinary care for your cat or dog, we welcome you to schedule a checkup with Capital Home Veterinary Care. We provide complete wellness, preventative, sick pet, emergency, and end of life care to pets in Richmond. Make the most of our convenient, stress-free veterinary services and establish your pet’s at-home care with us today.