vet house call.

Providing pets with the veterinary care they need, when they need it is a top priority for any pet parent. But car rides can be stressful for many pets—and their people—and that’s enough to discourage even the most diligent pet owners from keeping up with routine veterinary check-ups. 

That’s where Capital Home Veterinary Care comes in! Our veterinary clinic on wheels brings state-of-the-art comprehensive health care to your doorstep, offering stress-free pet care in the convenience and comfort of your own home.  

Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of our mobile vet services.  

Why Choose a House Call Veterinarian?

Think back to the last time you drove your pet to a veterinarian. Was it difficult coaxing your cat into the carrier? Was your pet visibly anxious? Choosing an at-home veterinarian eliminates the stress of traveling with your pet plus provides the following perks:

  • Home veterinary care eliminates the added stress and discomfort of travel for sick pets or pets in pain
  • Mobile vet services provide more convenient pet care for households with multiple pets.
  • A house call veterinarian is ideal for pet parents with limited mobility. 
  • House call veterinarians obtain valuable insights from seeing patients in their everyday home environments.
  • Vitals like blood pressure and heart rate tend to be more accurate. 
  • It prevents your pet from being exposed to other animals who are sick or carrying contagious diseases. 
  • At home veterinarians offer more comfortable end-of-life care.

Convenient Pet Care for Optimal Wellness

Many common diseases in cats and dogs can be prevented or treated more effectively with regular wellness care coupled with recommended vaccines, parasite prevention, and diagnostic screenings. With earlier detection and intervention, we can spare your pet unnecessary discomfort while preventing more costly treatments and procedures later on. Mobile vet services deliver convenient pet care in the comfort of your own home to help you stay up to date with your pet’s wellness needs. 

Convenient Pet Care for Senior Pets

As pets age, they typically need more frequent veterinary visits, but at this stage in their lives, pet carriers and car rides can be extremely uncomfortable. A house call veterinarian provides convenient pet care that meets older pets where they are—literally and figuratively for stress-free pet care. 

Convenient Pet Care for Cats

Let’s be honest, cats have an obvious disdain for car rides and waiting rooms, which is one of the reasons why far too many pet cats don’t receive the routine wellness care they need. Mobile vet services are ideal for households with cats

Mobile Vet Services

At Capital Home Veterinary Care, our comprehensive, convenient pet care includes wellness and preventive care for pets of all ages, sick pet care, health certificates, veterinary hospice, end-of-life care, and even certain minor surgical procedures. 

Please contact us at (804) 432-2534 if you have questions about our home veterinary care or to request a visit.