It’s summer, and providing lots of cool, fresh water for pets to drink is essential to staying hydrated, preventing heat exhaustion, and promoting good health. While pets need to drink lots of water to stay healthy, it’s also smart to consider where your pet’s water comes from.

Is Tap Water Safe for Pets?

It’s difficult to answer this question with a simple yes or no because water safety depends on a variety of factors including where your tap water comes from. For example, tap water from a municipal water system has different potential risks than tap water that comes from a well.

Generally speaking, if your tap water is safe enough for you to drink, then it should be okay for your pets, too. If you don’t drink your tap water, however, then your pets shouldn’t drink it either.

5 Tips to Make Your Pet’s Water Safer

1. Invest in a Filter
A variety of at-home water filter products are available to purchase and install or use yourself. You can choose from filtered pitchers, faucet filters, and under-the-sink filters designed to remove toxins and bacteria from the water.

2. Clean the Water Bowl
Contaminants in a pet’s water often come from a dirty water bowl, rather than the water source itself. Be sure to change your pet’s water frequently and regularly disinfect the water bowl.

3. Request a Consumer Confidence Report
If your tap water comes from a city water supply and water treatment plant, then you should receive a consumer confidence report annually. If you didn’t get yours, contact your local water company to request a copy.

4. Have Your Water Tested
You should also have your water tested since contaminants can come from the pipes inside your house.

5. Get a Pet Water Fountain
Pet water fountains keep water fresh. Some fancier models also include filtration systems of their own. The biggest benefit of these fountains is that they encourage pets to drink more water (especially cats who tend to be pickier).

Talk to a Veterinarian About How You Can Improve Your Pet’s Hydration

If you fear your pet isn’t drinking enough water or you notice that your pet seems thirstier than usual, we strongly encourage you to schedule a checkup with our mobile veterinarian in Richmond. Contact Capital Home Veterinary Care to schedule your pet’s next at-home veterinary appointment.