The amount of exercise a dog needs is different for every dog. The amount of exercise needed varies from breed to breed and will change throughout a dog’s life from puppyhood through adulthood and into the dog’s senior years. For this reason, it can sometimes be difficult to know just how much exercise your dog needs each day. There are, however, some common signs that can indicate a dog who needs more daily activity.

6 Signs Your Dog Needs More Exercise

1. Weight Gain

The most common and obvious indication that a dog needs more exercise is that they are gaining weight. Dietary changes or overfeeding can also lead to weight gain, in addition to some underlying health conditions. However, if your dog’s diet is the same, they have a clean bill of health from the veterinarian, and they are still gaining weight, then your pet likely needs more exercise.

2. Destructive Behavior

When a pet has excess energy, it sometimes gets channeled into undesirable, destructive behaviors like chewing your favorite shoes or digging in the sofa cushions.

3. Barking or Whining

When your dog looks at you and incessantly barks or whines, it means they want something, and that something is usually more activity, exercise, and mental stimulation. Play more games with your dog and get them outside to a fenced location where they can safely run.

4. Depression or Acting Withdrawn

When dogs don’t get enough exercise and stimulation, it has a detrimental effect on their mental health. Dogs that don’t get enough exercise and enrichment can become withdrawn and depressed.

5. Lack of Endurance and Stiffness

When dogs don’t exercise often enough they get out of shape just like people do. You might notice that your dog’s limbs are stiff and they lack endurance.

6. Hyperactivity

If your pet suffers from cases of zoomies fairly frequently, then they need to burn more energy through exercise.

Find the Right Wellness Routine for Your Dog With Capital Home Veterinary Care

If you aren’t sure how much exercise your dog needs or what the best way to help your pet get more exercise is, we encourage you to talk with a veterinarian with Capital Home Veterinary Care. We can help you set your pet up with a quality diet so they get the right amount of calories each day and a safe exercise regimen at their level so they can stay in shape without risking injury.

To learn more or schedule an appointment to help manage your pet’s weight and keep them healthy for life through exercise and diet, we encourage you to contact our mobile veterinary clinic in Richmond today.