In an effort to arrest the rampant transmission of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the White House released guidelines (15 Days to Slow the Spread). These guidelines implore everyone to step up and take action now to slow the spread of COVID-19. As the nation’s schools and businesses are closing and people practice social distancing, many pet owners are left wondering whether the novel coronavirus will have any effect on their pets (other than leading to unprecedented levels of daytime treating, belly scratches, and purring).

Can Cats or Dogs Contract or Transmit COVID-19?

More research is needed to fully understand the nature of COVID-19 and how it might affect animals, but there is currently no evidence showing that dogs or cats can either contract or transmit the novel coronavirus.

Canine Coronavirus and Feline Coronavirus Are Not the Same as Novel Coronavirus

There are certain types of coronaviruses that cats and dogs can contract. These species-specific coronaviruses, however, are not the same as COVID-19 and cannot be transmitted to humans.

How to Keep Your Pets and Family Healthy During the Pandemic

While there’s no evidence demonstrating that pets can catch COVID-19, the AVMA is still recommending that pet owners take precautions to keep their entire families healthy during the pandemic. Pet owners should stock enough pet supplies (food and medications) in case they fall ill and need to self-quarantine, along with their pets.

You should also restrict your pet’s contact with animals and people from other households. COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for a period of time, which means you could pick up the virus from pets who come into contact with infected humans or contaminated pets from other households.

Novel coronavirus aside, there are plenty of diseases that can be passed between people and their pets. For this reason, you should always wash your hands before and after playing with your pet. This will keep both you and your pets healthy.

Veterinary Care at Your Doorstep, When You’re Busy Social Distancing

When practicing social distancing, it’s best to stay home, except for absolutely essential trips out of the house. If your pet is in need of veterinary attention or is due for a wellness appointment and vaccine boosters, Capital Home Veterinary Care will bring our mobile clinic to you. Not only does our mobile clinic receive far fewer human visitors than a regular veterinary clinic, we’ve also increased our sanitation routines to create a safe environment for pets and their owners.

Except in emergency cases, we are requesting that clients who are currently ill refrain from scheduling appointments to safeguard the health of our veterinary team and clients. For more information about our mobile veterinary services or what you can do to keep your family — furry members included — safe, we welcome you to contact us today.