When to Consider Pet Euthanasia

Euthanasia is both a blessing and a burden. The decision to end your pet’s life is an agonizing one, but it is often one of the most selfless and loving decisions you can make for your pet.

If the quality of your pet's life has diminished so that your pet’s bad days outnumber their good days, it may be time to consider euthanasia.
Since the purpose of euthanasia is to eliminate prolonged, untreatable, or inevitable suffering, it may be considered better to euthanize a terminally ill or aged animal a day too early than a day too late. If your pet has more “bad” days, that is a strong indicator that you likely need to face the painful decision to euthanize your pet and end their pain and suffering.

If you’re not sure if your pet is ready, a Quality of Life Consultation can be helpful. Don’t hesitate to call us and schedule a house call consultation and exam. This type of appointment is designed to answer questions related to your pet’s quality of life and see if there are any medications or treatment options that may improve your pet’s life quality, or if it’s time to euthanize. Capital Home Veterinary Care is dedicated to providing peaceful and pain-free cat and dog euthanasia in the privacy of your home.

If you need some help making this decision, click on the life quality scale to help assess your pet’s condition.
Quality of Life Scale - The Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement

Please Note: Our Doctors at Capital Home Veterinary Care perform euthanasia only on pets who have an unmanageable disease or those with little quality of life remaining. We reserve the right to refuse euthanasia if we feel it is being chosen as a convenience option. We will not euthanize a patient with a manageable or treatable disease. If we determine that it is not time to euthanize your pet, a house call fee and quality of life examination charge will be assessed.

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