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Pet Euthanasia Procedure

We have earned a reputation for professional and personal attention, and a gentle yet experienced touch, which is crucial at such a difficult time for pet owners and their beloved pets.

The euthanasia house call begins with basic paperwork. The actual euthanasia procedure can be performed wherever you and your pet are most comfortable. Initially, a sedation injection is administered. This is done to prevent pain and ease your pet's transition. Once they are sedated, an intravenous injection of a barbiturate euthanasia solution is administered that will provide a painless passing.

Please Note: Our Doctors at Capital Home Veterinary Care perform euthanasia only on pets who have an unmanageable disease or those with little quality of life remaining. We reserve the right to refuse euthanasia if we feel it is being chosen as a convenience option. We will not euthanize a patient with a manageable or treatable disease. If we determine that it is not time to euthanize your pet, a house call fee and quality of life examination charge will be assessed.

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